Tom's coaching brought forth discipline and clarity to us personally and to our staff. His commitment to our success is relentless. Our company opened up to a paradigm shift of focusing and producing zero defects in our work. Tom is our coach and our friend. 

Richard Fe Tom and Nancy Tom
The Architecture Company
Tucson, Arizona





      "I owe a large percentage of what I have accomplished in my career to the powerful coaching of Tom Rompel. He had the ability to see though the nonsense and show me the way to unprecedented success."

Steve Chandler






     “Our business plan allowed for specific results to be accomplished in the next year. Within four months of completing our planning session, we accomplished what we had set out to complete in 12 months. Thank you for that, you’ve been of real service to us.”

Rodney Dawson and Penelope Winn
Winn with Dawson
Auckland, New Zealand






       “I want to acknowledge the results that have been produced as a result of my participation in your ‘Foundations for Change’ seminar. I was prepared to have the course impact my skill at managing my sales force and to stimulate sales, but quite frankly I was skeptical it would provide a breakthrough in those areas.


What happened as a result of the course was totally unexpected and unprecedented. We produced a 24% increase in sales for a one month period over the same period last year.


It was a very valuable use of my time and I appreciate your dedication and hard work in designing the program. Job well-done!”

Joanne Fossland, G.M.
Homes Illustrated
Tucson, Arizona






       “Foundations for Change’ is a must for anyone interested in creating miraculous success in their business. Not only are we up more than 200% over last year, but through Tom’s excellent guidance we were empowered as a team to bring forth our vision. Instead of a group of individuals struggling to get the job done or trying to get others to do what we expect, we now have an empowered team from the bottom up dedicated to realizing our vision. We’re creating success and having fun doing it! Thanks Tom.”

Philip and Janice Nagel,
The Alchemists, Inc.
Green Valley, Arizona






      “Coaching is King. I have been exposed to, abused by and disappointed with many management theories in the past thirty years; and they all boil down to the old dominate, control and manipulate. Coaching has given me and my management team a practical device to achieve naturally and with employee acceptance the changes and innovations necessary to stay in the forefront of our industry.”

Jim Burke, President
Arizona General Insurance
Tucson, Arizona






      “Thank you for presenting ‘Coaching: Beyond Management,’ to members of my management staff. The program has stimulated a new level of understanding and participation throughout our department. I would not hesitate to recommend your program to any organization seeking a paradigm shift.”

Steve Neely
Pima County Attorney
Tucson, Arizona






      “As a result of my participation in ‘Foundations For Change,’ I got clearly in touch with my vision for my law firm and was able to restructure the firm to allow for the full alignment of all employees. Tom really has put together a powerful program!”

Steve Sherick
Hirsh & Sherick, P.C.