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Make Your Meetings More Effective



      Are your meetings as effective as you’d like them to be? Do you and everyone else leave the meeting with a clear sense of direction and empowerment?  Are your objectives for the meeting met every time?  Do your meetings sometimes gravitate to people being more committed to being  “right” about their point of view than being committed to moving the meeting forward?  At the end of the meeting does everybody have a clearly defined action plan they were able to contribute to?


     It is always useful in any organization for the key players to meet a few times a year separate from regularly scheduled meetings. This is a time for everyone to catch their breath and get their bearing on the direction of the company - in relationship to its’ defined goals and objectives. Making on course corrections is a natural consequence of a productive meeting.



As your facilitator and coach below are some examples of the areas I can assist you in;

  • Work with you in advance to clearly define your meeting commitments and objectives.

  • Ensuring everyone in the meeting is “participating” in and not just “observing” the process.  

  • Keep participants focused on the defined objective.

  • Foster a meeting atmosphere that attendees will enjoy

  • Leverage the diversity of thinking that leads to powerful solutions.

  • Clarify statements and suggestions to avoid confusion.

  • Ask probing questions to stimulate “outside of the box” thinking.

  • Control diversions and keep the process on track.

  • Monitor the agenda to ensure that time is used efficiently.

  • Lead attendees to supported, workable action plans.


If the above sounds like something that would be useful for you and your company then I invite you to contact me personally and let’s talk.