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Team Building Program
Foundations for Change: Taking a Stand for the Future


      This is a 6 month, two-part commitment based corporate team building program that challenges people to probe beyond the limits of conventional thinking about leadership and organizational effectiveness. Your participation in this program is an opportunity to take you and your team to the next level of performance in a remarkably short period of time. During this program, you will engage in the three most critical areas of any organizations development.


  • Player and Position Evaluation
  • Planning and Team Building
  • Coaching


      Foundations for Change: Taking a Stand for the Future provides a disciplined framework for real growth and transformation as a team. The first element of this program consists of a two-day planning session (Beyond Strategic Planning) where you and your leadership team will develop and commit to a “breakthrough project” for your company. A “breakthrough project” is something you know is doable yet will be a stretch for you and your team.


     The second element of this six-month program is ongoing coaching for the success of your breakthrough project. We will meet 24 times during the course of the next 26 weeks. With each coaching session, we will build on top of what did or did not get accomplished from the previous week while we keep moving the project forward. Each coaching session will be an hour and a half in length.


    Prior to the start of your 2-day planning session, there will be one or two coaching sessions. I recommend these meetings be with you and any other active partners in your organization. The purpose of this coaching session is to create clarity and alignment as to what exactly you are committed to accomplishing by the end of this six-month program.


      After completion of your two-day planning session (Beyond Strategic Planning) you and anyone else you choose to be in the coaching sessions will meet with Tom Rompel and will do so for the balance of the coaching sessions. This is a commitment based program that will demand everybody’s full participation.


Click here  for an outline of what will be covered in your two-day planning session.