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Business Management Coaching;

Executive Coaching and Consultation

     Business Management Coaching; Executive Coaching and Consultation is an intensive six-month coaching program. This program consists of 24 coaching sessions being delivered over the course of 26 weeks. Each coaching session is an hour and a half in length and can be done as a one on one or with you and your leadership team. Whether you’re a one-person operation, small or a medium size company, having an outside point of view to bounce ideas off of can be very useful and powerful.

    What result in your business is not predictable in the next six months? What is the objective that if accomplished, would be a real breakthrough for you? Is the answer to the proceeding questions something you would be willing to commit to doing? If your answer is “yes” then let’s talk. The discovery and engagement in a powerful and meaningful “breakthrough project” will fundamentally alter the way you relate to your business in a very positive way.

     In our first coaching session, I will work with you to define the above. It is essential for both of us that you are clear about exactly what you’re committed to accomplishing by the end of this six-month program. Your defining and declaring into existence a six-month "breakthrough project" now becomes the basis of our coach/player relationship.

   As we progress with each coaching session you will discover the source of “high performance.” With each coaching session, we will build on top of what did or did not get accomplished from the previous week; all the while moving your "breakthrough project" forward.

      As with all of my programs, this is a commitment based program. I’m all for having fun at what we do in life and I also recognize the importance of having things turn out the way we intend them.

* If the above sounds like it could be valuable for you click here and I will personally contact   you. Please let me know a few different dates and times when you’re available to talk.​