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Beyond Strategic Planning:

Creating a Culture that Supports Rather than Thwarts Your Intentions



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1. Getting to the Source of High Performance - The Power of Paradigms


         Consider: You can’t get out of anything unless you’re standing on top of it.


     “Rocks are hard, water’s wet and then there’s something called gravity.” Gravity is recognized as being one of the most powerful forces in the universe. But what about paradigms? Just like gravity, there’s no escaping the power of your paradigms and their direct impact on your life.


        Futurist Joel Barker, in his book "Discovering the Future: The Business of Paradigms", defines a paradigm as “any set of rules or regulations that describes boundaries and tells us what to do to be successful within those boundaries.” Consistent with the above definition, music, sports, marriage, driving a car, personal wealth, and your business among other things all qualify as paradigms.


       Paradigms are like the water to the fish…. the fish doesn’t know it’s swimming in water and we are unaware what we call reality is a function of our paradigms. Like eyeglasses with colored lenses, our paradigms color whatever we perceive. Your business is no exception to this phenomenon.


       By the end of this part of your planning session you will know and recognize the source of high performance. It will be clear to you what’s been organizing your individual and shared actions in the growth of your company. You and your team will have successfully identified those individual and shared beliefs that have limited your intentions as well as those beliefs that have empowered you to grow.


       Having arrived at this point you now have a blank canvas to develop a plan that honors the past but is not limited by it!



2. Vision


      Vision is the purpose of the organization. Vision transcends reality and specifies a totally unpredictable yet absolutely critical result. Your vision is senior to everything else and it’s ongoing and continuous.



3. Mission


     What is your mission? A well-designed mission statement is forward-looking and is a concise guide to moving your company toward its vision. It focuses your attention on key issues and is the declaration of the nature and direction of the organization.



4. The Fundamental Commitment


       This is the primary determiner of the scope of future products, services, and markets. It is what shapes and organizes your fundamental decision-making process in your business.



5. Operating Principles


      What are the operating principles for your business, for your products and services and for your customers? What do you stand for? What you stand for is your unique edge and strength. Your operating principles a re what your customers and employees can count on. It is the very foundation on which you are building and always have built your business. The clarification of this also lets your team members know what they need to do to be successful in your company.



6. Operating States


      When you are starting something new in life whether it be in your personal life or your business at any given moment you are in one of five operating states. For the most part, we are not aware of these five different operating states and sometimes fail to recognize when we’ve shifted gears or are in a breakdown. The understanding of this phenomenon will be a source of clarity and strength for you.



7. Defining Your Breakthrough Project


   Right now what is it that you know you can’t do? What is the objective that if accomplished would be a real breakthrough for you and your team? What is it you and your team could align on and commit to that would have you think outside of the box? The discovery and engagement in a powerful and meaningful “breakthrough project” will fundamentally alter the way you run your business.



      Once your “breakthrough project” is clearly defined you will then lay out a road map that will eliminate any mystery about how it will be accomplished.


* Fees: To be determined by location and the number of people involved in this process.


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