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Beyond Strategic Planning:

Creating a Culture that Supports Rather than Thwarts Your Intentions


      In Japan, it’s typical for businesses to plan 50 to 200 years into the future for their growth and development. Yet in this country, an estimated 90% of small and medium-sized companies don’t participate in any kind of structured planning process. There’s nothing wrong with “seat of the pant’s” planning; however, it has a tendency to create emergencies more frequently than not.


       Whether your company is a start-up, in trouble, or has been around for a while, taking the time to generate a written plan for the future growth of your company is critical.


      What is it going to take for you to move your company to the next level? With market forces changing so rapidly, the very same practices that built your business may now be blocking its path to the future. Operating with a written plan opens up possibilities. Operating without one might just be limiting to you and your company!


     Growth Strategy’s Beyond Strategic Planning session will enable you to generate a written plan that is transformational in nature. The planning session is typically for two days. Beyond Strategic Planning will enable you to design a “map” for you and your team’s journey from Point A (what’s so for today) to Point B (where you’d like your company to be) in a given period of time.


     I recommend anyone who is part of your leadership participate in this process and whomever you choose to be there is up to you. Going offsite and away from your day to day business operations is highly recommended. This is a creative process and the less day to day distractions the better.


       This six-step professionally facilitated planning process is an opportunity for you to set aside the time to reinvent the future….a future driven by your commitments and the possibilities of what your business could be!



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